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Monique Vette Alchemist

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Hey Im Monique, Welcome

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Heres How I Can Support You.


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Trauma Embodiment Coaching

With Trauma Embodiment Coaching, you will learn tools to help you shift through trauma with more ease. 

You will have these tools for the rest of your life. We will work on the energetics of everything within your body. We will also work on your mindset and connect deeper to your soul's truth. 

And then bring all this together by showing how to embody it within. 

I will teach you how to connect to your trauma in a healthy way so you can learn to peel away the layers one by one at a time. 

With my support we will work with the tools that are exactly right for you. So you can have lately results.  

I have many different, tools and techniques that you can use to help empower you on your journey. 

So that you never feel alone. 

When it comes to working through trauma especially associated to PTSD or CPTSD. There comes a point when you need to ask yourself. 

How much longer am I going to allow this pain to take over my life? 

Are you ready to make the change now? 

If so book in for a connection call with me. 

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Shamanic Journey

Shamanic Journey's are a tool to use to help shift energy quick.

They help with getting your mind into a positive state, also known as neuroplasticity. Allowing you to be more open to holding positive visions and working with Gratitude in your life. 

Whether you're feeling in pain or are wanting to shift to a new reality. This tool is easy to do. You can either listen to a recording on your own or have a Shaman take you through a journey. 

When you have trauma sitting within your body, it means there is energy within you that is needing to flow again. To the parts that were hurt. And with the Shamanic Journey you can do this, by getting out of your mind and sinking more into your body. 

Our bodies already know how to heal themselves. We literally just need to get out of the way. That is why Shamanic Journeys are great. As they allow this process to unfold. 

Trauma can manifest as emotional or physical pain and can also show up as dis-ease.

By keeping you stuck in a loop you're not happy about.

Shamanic journeys are a tool for you to break this cycle and all cycles. 

By listening to the beat of a Shamanic drum it helps calm your mind into a meditative state. Allowing the body to have a deep rest and to allow healing to happen. 

By doing this on a regular basis it allows you to have more connection to yourself, the universe and nature around you.

Below is a free Shamanic Journey for helping you to connect and ground to Mother Earth. 

Which allows you to then have the same solid connection to yourself. 

This is one of the many steps to begin the process of having a solid foundation within and allowing you to feel safe in your own body. 

Have a listen below and enjoy 

I would love to know how you go. Reah out to me. Im always here to support. 

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Monique's Story

As a child Monique loved playing with rocks and crystals, writing stories and letting her imagination run wild. It was her way to live out her imagination and go on adventures that were not of this world.

Through her adult life she learnt to use them in different ways through creative avenues of art, making crystal jewellery and design. She also delved into many different healing modalities to understand a better and more natural way of living life. 

Having heal herself from CPTSD after leaving an abusive marriage. 

She has come out the other end a changed women living her dream life and has made it her mission to help other women and men to heal from trauma naturally. 

She has now brought all of this to you in her way of unique creativeness.

Allowing her to connect to you in ways that are “out of this world”.

She does Alchemy with Words, Crystals and Ancient Healings, Shamanic drumming and combines them together to make magic happen. 

Everything she does for you will be aligned to your souls purpose. To help you unlock your hidden treasures and live out your true path in life, one step at a time.

Revealing your true beauty within, and allowing your story to unfold in front of your eyes.

Come step into the world of Alchemy by Monique and you’ll be left with empowerment, joy, laughter, change and most of all love.

May her magic allow you to see a world for yourself that you’ve never seen before.

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