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Solar Energy

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

SOLAR ENERGY, Sexual energy and magnetic energy all looks the same to people unaware by it. As it comes from the same energy centre.

We magnetise to us what is within us.

So as a women and owning her own powerhouse. Which is her sexual energy, life force energy, or as the ancient Egyptians called it; solar energy. You will know it as the sacral energy centre.

It means that with people she will be attracting certain energy to her. Because it’s so powerful some may misread it as a sexual attraction. When In fact it’s not. It’s a mirror reflection of her standing in her power.

By knowing this and being aware of this solar energy. She will know on every level what each and everyone’s intentions are without uttering a word. She will feel it with 100% with her knowing. The awe awareness is noticed.

Noticed by her first. As she knows when she is standing in this power. Secondly noticed by the person she will interact with and thirdly by someone watching it happen.

As the person interacting with her. If they are not aware of what is happening. They will read it as sexual and will act on it. It’s like an intoxicating perfume that makes them go completely weak at the knees for her. If they are not in alignment with their solar energy. They will do anything and everything to get her attention. This is not the energy she is looking for.

The third person that is watching will either see it as sexual, magnetising or see it for what it is... her solar energy.

It’s up to her and no one else to say what will happen with this energy. If it’s misread then this is also not hers to own. Nor is it anyone else’s to place this intention elsewhere.

This energy is powerful. It can move mountains, attain growth and push limits and also can be very destructive.

Only if she allows it too.

Otherwise it’s just a quick reflection to her as to where she is in her powerhouse.

With these energies it’s up to her to first acknowledge it. The second is allowing and being receptive. The third is using it for the good. However that feels.

This is alchemy of solar energy. The ancient Egyptians knew this well and used it with great care

to produce the most amazing things.

It’s not an Energy to hold onto for dear life either as it can be more destructive to her from within. This is not the intention behind it. It’s to be used for the greater good, Of all involved. From people to animals to the planet. It’s to be shared.

This is the way of the Egyptian Priestess. She was the way shower for many in Ancient Egypt. In whatever form it needed to be shown in. She would be the guide.

These are the times she is coming back. In a different form.

Look for her, she is amongst us. She may be standing right next to you.

If you do see her, acknowledge her standing strong in her power. See her with love as she will see you too.

And she may be guided to show you the way.

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