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Monique and I have connected through distant yet beautiful circumstances and I'm extremely grateful. Monique recently did a energy healing on me from a distance. Everything she picked up on I was feeling and all her tips have been helpful to integrate into my daily routine. Thank you so so much. I would highly recommend working with Monique in any way you can, she is has such healing and helpful energetic force.

Stacey Leigh

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Monique is a special lady with such a talent for intuitive readings- Recently I was experiencing some anxiety and stress and she tuned in to me remotely as I live in Rarotonga and she calmed me and I felt such a lift from my heavy feelings at the time! 💛 I’m very grateful for her special abilities and look forward to receiving more soon. Xx

Kim Noovao


I've had the pleasure of having Monique work on me prior and have always felt a sense of calm & alignment after our sessions. With the current world epidemic, anxiety levels are at an all time high due to my profession & responsibilities. Monique performed her magic from afar and after 15mins I feel an overwhelming sense of peace, collectiveness & clarity. Anxiety levels have been lifted. I feel amazing! You truely have a beautiful gift ❤ 
I look forward to next week x

Adele Romans


The reason I chose to go on this journey in the first place was that it was so easy to fall into a meditative state. I found the drumming so soothing I was away in seconds. I now feel so much calmer inside so any spiritual or psychological work I need to do is that much easier to achieve. Thank you so much Monique!

Tristan Foster-Young


Theres something about the drumming sessions. I literally feel my body activating something through the journey and emotions that come up during a one on one is epic. I come away feeling closer to my souls purpose and ancient goddess every time. I love that I can keep going back and connecting with them when I feel like I need some guidance, its a feeling of being home, I just love love love what you do Monique. You are so gifted, the way you tune in and give to my soul what is needed in that time and space, is just beautiful. Thank you for everything you do.

Brooke Angelique Coulter


Monique and I connected over Zoom. She made me feel supported, she listened. The session was quite emotional for both of us. She got me, completely understood my strong negative emotions. since then, Ive never felt better. I feel stronger and more in control.

Lisha Herc

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