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Reclaim Your Power

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Shamanic Healing Services: Services

Activating Your True Node Star

Helping you to find and connect to your true destiny within

This is a 6 month or 12 month deep dive 1:1 intensive with Monique 

You will receive: 

x2 Shamanic Journey per month 

x1 one on one coaching session per month

1:1 support with Monique mon-fri via telegram 

Are you feeling like there is more within you? You question everything about life and you're not sure what you're meant to be doing? Or why? 

Let Monique take the stresses of how away from you. She will work with you and your energies to unlock your hidden truth within. Allowing you to shift through any darkness and go to the depth that is needed to break you free from the chains of it all. You will be activated to align to your true destiny. Your true node star. 

Are you ready to do this? To dive deep into your sub-concious? So you can connect with your true node star? 

With Shamanic journeying you get to dive into these places that you may not have been before. 

You get to explore parts of you that you have never seen. You get to understand what really is going on within those hidden places in you.

Sometimes you get shown what you need to see. Other times its just to relax you and give you space to be calm, so you can receive what is coming to you. The possibilities are endless.

By dedicating this time to you. You will get to know the real you and see what hidden treasures are lying within. Everything that you desire in your life is waiting for you to come and acknowledge it. So it can become a reality in your life, where you get to truly embody it. Breath it and be it. 

You become your walking, talking living destiny. How amazing is that! Living the life of your dreams every single day. 

Within the 6 month or 12 month container.

You will receive: 

  • Great shifts of energy and awareness of yourself. 

  • Be more aligned to where you want to go in life. 

  • Have a deeper knowing of connection to yourself.

  • Be able to connect to your true hearts desires. 

  • Have a clearer path walking forward. 

  • Able to live a more purposeful life. 

  • Be able to move through obstacles and blocks with ease. 

  • Be confident in yourself and your actions going forward. 

  • Truly understanding your gifts within and how to use them. 

  • Confidence with every step you take forward towards your destiny. 

Payment plans are available. 

Please enquire to see if we are fit for each other. 

This is for you; if you are looking to delve into areas within you are not aware of and want to explore more. So that you have a clearer and strong connection to yourself  and your destiny.

This is not for you; if you are looking for a quick fix solution. This is about diving deep into your sub-concious. Be prepared to move through obstacles and any other blocks you have within. 

Monique is a word alchemist, mindset coach and shamanic healer.

She has the ability to connect to aspects of your soul that may be hidden to you. She will weave her magic of the drum combined with her voice connecting to her Ancient Priestess soul, bringing through gifts that will help to activate hidden gems within you.

She has experienced such huge transformations with herself by doing this work and is now offering to hold space to help you on your journey too. 

All her journeys are channelled, making them each unique and individual to your needs.


No refunds as this energetic container is specifically aligned to you once payment is received. 

Payment plans are available to suit your budget. Please reach out and let Monique know. 

Shamanic Healing Services: Services
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