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Allow Yourself Time To Be Still

One of the most valuable tools I’ve learnt and it took me awhile to do this.

Is to be still.

You can be anywhere you like.

Be it your comfy couch. Or outside under a tree. Give yourself time to literally be still in that moment. With absolutely no distractions at all. No phones. No tv. No other people.


It will take some solid effort on your part to get yourself here. But trust me when you do! You’ll be amazed at what unfolds.

For me I love to sit outside in nature. On my cosy chair. Staring at the sky and the trees or closing my eyes and listening to the birds sing.

It’s in these moments that you find whispers from your soul and the universe combined. The ones of great value. The ones that gently show you how to move mountains. The ones that tell you what is wrong and what is right.

You’ll hear...

The whispers that direct you on where or what your next step in life is.

The whispers where you feel expansive and ready to receive.

The whispers that say… just breathe. Relax, I’ve got you. You’re safe.

The whispers that say I love you. Can you see it and feel it all around you? Take a look.

The whispers that tell you to read that book. Or message your friend and tell them you miss them.

The whispers that say… listen to the words of this song. It’ll help you on your healing discovery.

All the many whispers of the universe working with you and your soul. So you experience the miracles of life. Of living and being in total trust of where you’re going. Experiencing all the pleasures of life along the way.

You can only find these places when you allow yourself the space to sit still.

Regardless if you’re still working through your traumas or have completely healed them.

This place is always available to you. It’ll never go away.

It all comes down to you and what you choose for yourself.

The reason why I share these tools. Is because in my darkest period.

I found solitude in these moments. I found who I truly was and how I wanted to live my life. No influence from anything or anyone.

All the noise that was around me, with all the distractions. They were taken away in that moment.

And this allowed me to truly see what was happening within myself and to take full ownership of what I needed to do.

I wanted to not be in so much pain. I wanted the anxiety attacks to stop and the triggered emotions to go away.

All the things that were bubbling up to the surface like a volcano erupting. Because I had no idea they were there. I was using distractions and other noise to avoid what was truly wanting to be seen and this was causing me more harm than good.

I wanted to be free from it all. And feel a joy that I had never felt before. I knew that deep down, there was a better life to live and I knew I absolutely deserved it. Even though I had no idea how to get there.

I just knew there was better than what I was experiencing.

So by allowing the space to sit still and just be. My body slowly opened up and showed me the next steps to take along the way.

One step at a time, slowly and surely.

And for that I am truly grateful. Because now I am living a life of pure freedom from all that trauma. It’s no longer a part of my life. I have no triggers. Nothing, it's all gone.

Every day I wake up with joy. Every day is a new day to make fun, laugh, cry, explore.

Each day is absolutely amazing and more than what I could have ever imagined.

I have so much joy and happiness now that it spills over my cup to share with others.

Where beforehand I didn't even have enough for myself.

By implementing this tool on a daily basis, along with other tools. You too can get to this happy place. You too can have it all.


**If you are wanting to go deeper into you traumas and don't know how, reach out by emailing

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