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Taking The Leap Of Faith

There are moments in life when you come to a cross road.

One that you did not foresee coming.

One that hits you with a hard thump. Its either a sharp left... or a sharp right!

Wait what?

You stand there waiting, hoping that someone or something will make the decision for you.

But nothing happens....

You wait a bit longer and still nothing happens.

AND then you take in a HUGE breath.... and decide to go right. You keep walking down this path, of twists and turns.

You come across bumps and little hills. You feel like they are setbacks, but in reality they are only but a lesson.

While still not quite understanding where its leading you. You keep in the flow of it and start to relax into this new state of being.

Just as you are about to get comfortable... the road ends!

Theres nothing in sight, no bridge, no other way across to the other side. NOTHING!

and because you have gone down this path for so long now, you can't actually turn back because there is no way back. The only way is forward.

But where?

So there you are, standing on the edge of the cliff, not knowing which way to turn. You stand there for days, which slowly turn into weeks. And you know deep down that this cannot carry on.

Your logic in your mind is saying NO NO NO! Don't do this... its not safe.

and your soul is saying... DO IT!


which do you follow? Your Mind? or your Soul? or neither?

Do you keep standing here on the edge waiting? for how long though? and where is this leading when you're nothing but stagnant?


This is a hard decision to make, and you know by jumping off this cliff EVERYTHING in your life is going to change.

So you ask your guides to show you the way, please guide me, show me what it is I need to see.

AND you guest it, they show you the exact same spot you are standing in… on the edge of the cliff.

OH COMMON!!!! As you think to yourself, surely there's an answer somewhere.

Then quietly they proceed to ask you…. what are you so afraid of? To fly and then land on your feet on the other side? Or to fall and land on your feet?

Because whether you see it or not either way, you WILL land on your feet.

OH! you say to yourself with a big sigh of relief.

With that, you step off the cliff… knowing you have taken the leap of faith.

While you are in transition and still feeling into when you will land in your new truth. All these new and exciting opportunities are given to you in ways you’ve never seen or felt before.

Things in your life become more solidified and you see that finally all the hard roads you have walked down are now becoming a sense of freedom.

Freedom that can now be felt not only by you, but with every single person that comes into contact with you.

And all it took was you taking the leap of faith.


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