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Boundaries And Being Wishwashy

Updated: May 14, 2020

Once upon a time there was a happy go lucky girl who loved to love and loved being happy.

She also felt that others could feel this too.

So she set out to make this her mission.

But as she grew older, she forgot some of her knowing and allowed people to walk over her boundaries more and more. Because she could feel their pain.

So she decided as a teenager that no matter what, she would do anything to make others feel love and be happy too.

Little did she know she had completely made her boundaries wishy washy and with it, she lost her love and happiness for life.

She lost herself.

Until one day she was forced to see her unhappiness. It had hit her so hard like a train in a dark tunnel.

It had flattened her so much that she had no idea how she allowed this to happen.

Then she realised, she had given her power of herself away. By focusing on others so much that she forgot herself.

She forgot her mission. Because with her mission, there needs to be clear boundaries.

So as an adult, she then began to reconnect to her divine mission that she knew as a child.

Knowing full well, this time she was doing it right.

She began showing others how to love and be happy within themselves while holding strong boundaries.

It was then that she saw boundaries are actually a form of love.

Instantly she knew that she found her true magic within and what loving herself really meant to her.

The End

💚 Monique 💚

© Monique Vette 2019

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