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Addictions that lead to lessons.

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Sometimes you are so used to doing things that they become a habit.

The thing is, the habit may not be of benefit for you. Leading to an addiction.

All addictions are ways of suppressing emotions that you haven’t dealt with. It’s a way of making you feel better without consciously feeling bad about it.

You like it, so you do it.

But… and here’s the BIG but! While you feel good and think you’re doing a good thing.

You’re not…. you’re keeping yourself sick. You’re keeping yourself from moving on. You’re keeping yourself in a “comfortable” state that you feel is ok. But deep down you’re not ok.

If you take away all these addictions… would you be happy? Would you be ok?

I haven’t been. I’ve been doing some huge soul searching myself. After my marriage ended I felt like I didn’t know myself.

So I put myself into situations that I never experienced before and wow! Truths were shown to me. Expansion of my self was extreme. Experiences with different people would awaken me even more. No matter if it was for a moment or for a weekend. I would walk away with gratefulness in my heart and feeling very alive and blessed to have experienced the good and bad times.

And the more I saw what was happening around me. The more I realized that what I was eating, drinking and doing to my body, was definitely not in alignment to what I was wanting my life to be. Or how I wanted to feel energetically.

So I stopped drinking coffee. I adopted a more of a plant based diet. Got rid of some people and other habits and felt myself change.

Because I was no longer suppressing the emotions that I was feeling, I was finally starting to feel free from the chains that I had placed on myself –  to make myself smaller.

And slowly by releasing these addictions with lessons being sent to me from the universe, I am becoming the true, real authentic self that I’ve always known was lying there dormant within me. Just waiting to connect and soar.

I’m still learning every day and I’ll forever be learning until the day my body dies.

But one thing I want to do is master myself. My energy and the way I feel. Because no matter where I am in life. The only one that can make me better and not have addictions is me. Only I can decide what is good for me and what isn’t.

So like many of others out there… I too am making a fresh start. A fresh start to a better me!

So what addictions do you have that could possibly be holding you back from a life that you’ve always wanted?

Have a think about it, and have a look to see what it maybe relating to. You’ll be surprised.

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