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There She Was Sitting in The Dark

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Wondering how she had gotten to this point in her life.

She was alone.

She was afraid.

She was battered.

For she had endured the most soul destroying things from a person whom she loved.

One where safety was not given.

One where love was never-ending hurt.

One where... it was nothing but lies.

For when she married. She knew then she would give her power away by taking his last name.

Something she struggled with accepting.

For that day she decided to do that.

She lost herself...into a void of nothingness, forever forgiving him and his actions and turning against her intuition.

Trying to make things work. Walking on egg shells day in and day out.

Holding her breath.

So she didn't disturb the peace.

Being frightened to sleep, in case she was woken up to forced sex again.

Never truly relaxing or breathing deeply and forever holding the trauma in her womb.

Swallowing her pride and her strength. Becoming a former shadow of herself.

Until the day it happened and she was given light!

She was shown the end of the tunnel.

It was like a hand reached in and pulled her out.

Whispering... you're free now.

You're free to be you.

You're free to show your true power.

You're free to shine your strength.

You're free.

With these words locked firmly in her heart. She walked away knowing that she will never give her power away again.

Knowing that even though she was now free.

She was yet to face all the trauma again to set her free forever.

💚 Monique 💚

© Monique Vette 2020

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