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Turning Points in Life

There came a turning point…. in her life.

Where things were getting too much to handle.

Things were not so rosy like they used to be.

Feelings were getting thrown around like a frisbee.

Her boundaries were starting to get blurred. “No” was not coming across as strongly as it used too.

But yet she swallowed it all. In the hope it was just another bad day.

She was getting to a point where she had, had enough. Then it happened….

The turning point that was presented so clearly and she snapped. Breaking down and declaring that she would never accept any of his behaviour any more. She was adamant .

It was over for good.

And right there when she was fragile and in a very vulnerable state… he proposed and asked her to marry him.

She instantly forgot her true feelings, she cried with sadness not knowing this was his grasp on putting in his hooks in when she was down.

From then on he had captured her. For good.

For all the wrong reasons and not the right ones.

That was the beginning of a marriage that was doomed to never end happily ever after.

The signing of a forever dark tunnel….

© Monique Vette 2019

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