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Using Your Triggers To Grow

There are times of growth that happen over a period of time, that you know are happening but you are not quite sure at the same time.

It’s not until you reach a certain point and stop to reflect that you see how far you’ve come.

It’s those times that you see how much you’ve changed. And the change comes with triggers.

Someone will be talking to you and they will say something to you that reminds you of your ex or a bad situation that you totally forgot about. It’ll take you right back to the point in time it happened.

This is where you have two choices.

At first you may get all defensive about it and say…. “whatever” or “ I know” and totally dismiss what is happening to keep yourself feeling safe. But it’s actually a defensive mechanism. It’s your body and brains’ way of keeping you safe.

When this happens you may detract back into yourself keeping to your old ways. Because that is all you know. Keeping yourself small and energy contracted in. Which doesn’t allow growth.

But it’s your spirit (soul) that is sending these people as triggers so you grow and learn to change old patterns and beliefs that are no longer healthy for your body or your evolvement.

Until you surrender and learn to receive these messages without judgement or defence, you will keep yourself small and not have the new expansive energy that the universe and your soul are trying to bring into your life. This then allows you to finally step over that block within you. Once you’ve done that, this trigger will not happen again.

Two choices… choose not to listen and not change and keep yourself contracted.

Or choose to listen and allow change which brings in expansive large energy.

Which then allows you to be open for more abundance to come through.

Change only happens when you decide you no longer want that energy or vibe in your life anymore.

Your life. Your choice.

Be grateful for your triggers! They show you what you do not see.

© Monique Vette 2020

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