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Walking the path of darkness

There are times in our life where we have to walk alone. And one of these times is in darkness. You have no choice. You’ve “accidentally” found yourself here. Alone, scared and not knowing which way to turn. You think this is the end, but in actual truth. This is the the beginning. All that you thought you knew of yourself is no longer valid. It’s like you’ve suddenly woken up and realised who was I? And what was I doing? Have I been living a lie? But who to? Myself?

I was forced along my path of darkness. I had been taken to a place of despair and horrific heartbreak pain. That I had nowhere else to go. But to walk this path.

For two years I just kept putting one foot in front of the other. No torch in hand. Just pure darkness. I had to put trust in myself. That every single thing I was doing. Was exactly right for that moment. I couldn’t see ahead to the next week. I couldn’t even see two days ahead. I could only do one day at a time.

I also started to put my faith in my spirit guides more. I started to trust them 100% and I would pray. Daily asking them to help me. To show me the next step I needed to take. Because I didn’t know where or what I needed to do myself. I had no Fucken clue.

Then slowly one by one, different people were being shown to me. And each one had a way of helping me out. If it felt good I would go for it. If I was unsure, I wouldn’t do it. I gave myself time to grief and heal. And it worked.

I learnt so many different modalities of ways of healing. That for me every time I did it. I would peel off another layer of density and reveal a new part of me.

Two years later I have met the new me and I Fucken love her. There are still snippets of the old me there, but much better now. Much brighter than before. So much happier and definitely much more aware of everything around me.

I walked my path of darkness and it was painful.

Only the brave will walk this path.

And with what I experienced and went through… I can certainly claim that honour.

An honour of walking this path to get to know the real me. An honour to share my journey. So that you too can see anything is possible.

Just keep putting that foot one in front of the other.

© Monique Vette 2019

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