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When forgiveness is a mistake

She was looking for one good reason to stay.

She forgave and she forgave.

Every time he made a mistake she forgave him. Because a mistake is not that bad. It’s a lesson to learn in life. People make mistakes. And that’s ok.

She forgave him again, not because it was the same mistake again. But because she loved him.

She forgave him again, not because this was the third time it happened. But because she was trying to soften the blow… for herself.

She forgave him again and again, wishing and hoping he would change and see what damage he had done, every time.

But little did she know, that every time she forgave him for the same mistake over and over. She was enabling him to keep doing it.

Because after the second time of the same mistake… it’s no longer a lesson. It’s no longer a soft mistake. It’s a hard choice. A choice of what he only wanted.

A choice that was so ice cold, that shivered through her bones. A choice that was no longer a mistake that had no lesson for him.

But for her… a lesson for her to always stay strong in her boundaries. To never let anyone push them down. And to make a choice for herself only.

The one choice that was so clear in sight… to keep walking her path of integrity on her own.

She chose herself. For the lesson she thought was his to learn, by one mistake…. ended up being hers.

© Monique Vette 2019

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